Karavan Treasures From Turkey

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At Karavan, Treasures from Turkey, we have most of the treasures you may find in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul and beyond from lanterns to jewelry, Kutahya plates and bowls, unusual antique pottery, carpets and more.

Our mosaic lanterns are created by fixing individual pieces of colored mosaic glasses onto a glass globe, then fit with highly durable brass ornaments. Final product creates a unique environment.

Kütahya Plates: In medieval times, Kütahya was the most famous sanctuary for Turkish, Greek and Genovese pottery artisans. It’s a place inland, hidden away from the disturbance of time (even now).
There, art took a different turn with the idea of “All come from the same source” which one can see in the arrangements of the patterns & flowers.

When you come to Karavan : Treasures from Turkey, you will get the best service, honest information about our treasures you may purchase, or at the least, enough cultural information about Turkey and help when you visit Turkey. If nothing, upon your request, you will get a complimentary Turkish tea..

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