This is beautiful Antique Malatya Çift-Kanat which was woven as a dowry in the early 20th c in SE of Turkey.  Dyes are extracted from vegetables and roots, especially matter root and indigo.  And the wool is sheered from the weaver’s sheep in the spring when the wool is cleanest, spun by hand, dyed in cauldrons, dried in the Sun, washed a few times and then woven into this beautiful “dowry chest” kilim for feature good luck.
It was woven on a carry on loom as individual panels and stitched together later. Since they were woven separately, they do not match perfectly. As the local traditions dictate in the Mesopotamian region, only the Tanri (The Creator) is perfect.

SIZE: 5’5” x 9’2”

Double Panel Malatya Kilim

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